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Quebec: Improve police protocol for humane handling of injured wildlife & citizens assisting

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Please help! We've started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for one of only two permitted wildlife sanctuaries in Western Quebec. They are forced to keep a low profile, because they do not have the resources to treat all the injured animals in our region. Contributions will go towards helping the sanctuary accept more wounded animals. To avoid the police shooting more animals that might be rehabilitated we need somewhere for them to go in Western Quebec!


This petition is intended to avoid future incidents like that of September 9, when my wife was threatened with arrest as she tried to find veterinarian care for a fawn injured in a road accident in Chelsea, Quebec. The family later learned that if the police officer in question hadn't shot the fawn, a local permitted sanctuary would have arrived to evaluate the deer. They would then have been able to either rehabilitate it, or euthanize it humanely. 

This petition calls for: 

1. Improvements to the Quebec police’s protocol for handling injured wildlife. Officers should understand that gunshot euthanasia in the field should be an absolute last resort to be used only when the animal is in clear hopeless condition and in agonal pain and suffering. If that is not clearly the case, the animal should be transported immediately to appropriate medical care for determination of a course of treatment. 

2. Training to be provided to police officers to have them assist, rather than threaten, local citizens who may be attempting to help an injured animal and/or find it veterinarian care.

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