Let's keep Levy School Bus Co. with QCSD

Let's keep Levy School Bus Co. with QCSD

March 3, 2021
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Quakertown Community School District
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Started by Sharin Babb

On March 25th Quakertown Community School District's virtual online meeting will be voting on who will be handling the bus transportation for next school year 2021-2022. Levy School bus Co. is in jeopardy. The QCSD has used Levy's for many years. Levy bus drivers always come through in bad weather - didn't matter if it was rain, snow, sleet, blizzard, ice, hurricane. If school is open, we're on the job.  Levy Bus drivers know the children in the QCSD and some of their children also attend Quakertown Schools. Most drivers have been transporting our children for years. Levy's has some drivers who have been driving for 10-20-30+ years. Why are we trying to get bids from new bus companies? What happens to all the local people who work for Levy, (and they employ over 100), and live in our community?

Why are we even considering another commercialized company like First Student, if you agree, Please sign this petition and swing the decision to Support Levy School Bus Co. Let's help keep Levy's, who has been transporting QCSD students for more than 90 years as a local business. They would look forward to celebrating a century of service to this community and our children.  

Levy's competitor will most likely increase cost to the tax payer. They are not established within the school district and may not employ local residence from the community. That could mean more "strangers" transporting our children. Our children know Levy drivers. 

Please sign this petition to Support Levy School Bus Co. and show them how much we care. Support Local!


This petition made change with 1,726 supporters!

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