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Petitioning Hon Lawrence Springborg MP (QLD) and 2 others

Qld Government: stop cuts to funding for critical HIV work in the LGBT community #saveqahc #ripnroll

The Queensland Association for Healthy Communities has been stripped of its funding by the new Queensland Government.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg has revoked every cent of the agency's $2.6 million Queensland Health funding.

This will mean an end to our health promotion work with gay men and the loss of 26 of its 35 staff.

We need your help to keep Queensland's only LGBT health agency in business.

Healthy Communities, which began as the Queensland AIDS Council in 1984, helps prevent the spread of HIV and STIs by supporting the health of gay men and the wider LGBT community.

It won international accolades last year when its rip&roll posters were removed from bus shelters.


1. Join this event and invite your friends to support Healthy Communities. Tell people online how the organisation has helped you. Post pictures and video. Use the Twitter hashtag #SaveQAHC

2. Contact the Health Minister Lawrence Springborg (tel: 3234 1191
email: ) and Premier Campbell Newman (tel: 3224 4500 email: ) and your local MP ( ) and call for our funding to be reinstated.

3. Encourage your friends, family, colleagues and community members to take creative action.

4. Express your views online, write to newspapers, on forums, the radio, everywhere!

5. Donate to our fighting fund:

What will be lost if our funding is stopped:

- No one-to-one support about HIV & safe sex
- No HIV prevention skills building workshops
- No condom & lube distribution
- No LGBT awareness training for health & community services
- No sexual health information line
- No support for reducing or giving up cigarettes or illicit drugs
- No printed resources on HIV prevention and sexual health for gay/msm
- No social marketing campaigns like ‘rip&roll’ promoting safe sex
- No peer education or volunteering
- No outreach at pubs, clubs, events and SOPVs
- No sexual health promotion in LGBT magazines and other media
- No support to LGBT groups and networks
- No participation in LGBT community festivals
- No voice for LGBT people on HIV prevention and related LGBT health issues

Letter to
Hon Lawrence Springborg MP (QLD)
Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie
Premier Campbell Newman
We as a community are saddened and devastated by this action to cut the funding for Queensland Association for Healthier Communities and urge you to reconsider this action.

What does this mean? An end to their health promotion work with gay men and the LGBTQI community with a loss of 26 of its 35 staff.

Queensland Association for Healthier Communities, which began as the Queensland AIDS Council in 1984, helps prevent the spread of HIV and STIs by supporting the health of gay men and the wider LGBTQI community., for nearly 30 years this organisation has helped so many people and done a great service to the community plus surrounding support groups and orgs.

The 2 Spirits Program, part of Healthy Communities – the only program in Queensland focusing on the sexual health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander gay men and sistergirls, is now in jeopardy also.
The 2 Spirits Program currently provides groundbreaking work in both urban and remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, providing crucial work on HIV, STI and other blood borne virus (BBV) prevention for gay men and sistergirls in Queensland.

We will fight this by all means, to lose such an organisation like this puts a big ripple effect within our community and many people will not get the help they so solely deserve.

De-funding because of a rise in HIV diagnoses is not a valid reason.

Please reconsider your action.


Michelle Diamond

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