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QANTAS: Remove American Staffordshire Terriers from Qantas Restricted List

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The American Staffordshire Terrier is not classed a dangerous dog in Australia and yet Qantas has placed it on a restricted list which means pure bred and cross bred Amstaff can’t be transported by Qantas or its designated freight carrier around Australia or overseas.

Amstaff are one of the most popular breeds in Australia and account for 7% of dog ownership. This breed is NOT subject to any restrictions in any state or territory in Australia.

Qantas are deflecting negative comment by stating it’s the policy of the carrier, Australian Air Express.  However AAE is a wholly owned subsidiary of Qantas which reports directly to Qantas Executive Manager Freight so it absolutely is their issue.

The American Temperament Test Society rated American Staffordshire Terriers at 83.4% (anything over 80% is good) in comparison to Collie at 53.3% and Chihuahua at 70.3%.

Qantas response to criticism is "Please note that we remain comfortable in not transporting this specific breed of dog due to historically aggressive behaviour ...." 

This statement shows a complete lack of research or knowledge on the subject and Qantas haven’t been able to produce any evidence of this historically aggressive behaviour.

Quite possibly Qantas was following the lead of other airlines around the world. But, it’s interesting that both United Airlines and American Airlines removed Amstaff from their Restricted List in 2012. [read article here]  It’s time that Qantas did some research and looked at their procedures.  If, as they claim, dogs can escape then surely baggage handlers are more at risk from the dog breeds which are known to bite. American Airlines put new procedures in place in consultation with the industry, why can’t Qantas?

Qantas has flown lions, cheetahs, crocodiles, hippos and pythons.  But American Staffies are too dangerous? It actually means they found a work around to make them willing to transport these potentially dangerous animals.

Nobody would argue against Qantas refusing an aggressive dog. But one aggressive individual dog does not make up an entire breed. Generalising in such a way only serves to punish responsible pet owners and pave the way for BSL to restrict even more breeds. In American BSL in different states now relates to 75 breeds including many popular breeds.

We note that Qantas Customer Charter: Point 6 We Value your Opinion states: "If you have a problem with our performance, we want to hear about it, as your feedback helps us to identify and address issues with our service."  So yes Qantas, we would like you to address this issue.

By signing this petition you are asking Qantas to:

- Review their existing policy and remove American Staffordshire Terriers from their Restricted list, and

- Put in place procedures that are workable for both owners and handlers to ensure that the transport of ALL dogs and animals is done safely and securely.

Please share this Petition with like-minded doggy friends and owners and post on your facebook page and share with any groups.  One person can’t make a difference but people power can!

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