Qantas: fly these Queensland-born sisters home to Biloela, not to danger

Qantas: fly these Queensland-born sisters home to Biloela, not to danger

28,117 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
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Started by Angela Fredericks

Within days, these beautiful sisters could be forced from Australia to a war-ravaged country that they have never known.

Please help me to ask Qantas and eleven other airlines not to let Mr Dutton use their aircraft, pilots or crew to force baby Tharunicaa, toddler Kopika and their parents Priya and Nades, from Australia to danger.

I couldn’t believe it when Border Force came at dawn and took this beautiful family from Biloela, the little town in Central Queensland where I live.

I was horrified when I learned that Border Force separated Tharunicaa and Kopikafrom their loving parents during the three and a half hour drive to Gladstone Airport, and then again on the long flight to a Melbourne detention centre.

When I raised the alarm, Border Force flew the whole family to Perth and tried to smuggle them out of Australia. Only last minute legal action saw them removed from the plane, with minutes to spare.

Now, two days after they were given 21 days to appeal a court decision, this family has been served a deportation notice that could see them forced from our country at any time from Tuesday 26th June.

Our town has done everything we can to show Mr Dutton how much we love and want this family. We travelled 1,800km to Melbourne to support them. We started a petition to Mr Dutton, attracting over 100,000 signatures. We even went on Q&A and convinced Liberal Senator Jim Molan to bring our concerns to Mr Dutton.

This week, the world was shocked by stories of children taken from their parents and flown far away. But President Trump backed down after major US airlines refused to participate in this terrible cruelty.

Just like Qantas, three year old Kopika and one year old Tharunicaa are Queensland born and bred. If Mr Dutton will not listen to our little town, maybe Qantas and other airlines will.

28,117 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!