Release Your Name (Kimi No Na Wa) in India and see the power of our Otaku family!

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Animé is HUGE in India, and since Weathering With You was released legally, thousands of us flocked to the theatres to support our community. It was supposed to be in theatres for only three days (Fri-Sun) (11th Oct to 13th) but because it worked so well, it sustained its spot for 2 weeks! We want to watch animé but we're unable to watch it legally. And Your Name is perhaps one of the best animé movies made in history, ever! It can give way to so many more animé movies to be regularly released in India so we don't have to resort to piracy, because there's really no other option. 

And not just us Otakus, many non-animé fans will come to watch the film and explore the world of the sheer cinematic brilliance of animé. It will also get rid of the annoying stereotype that animé is just for kids. It should fucking blow their mind. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.