Put the onus of consent on being told yes

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I am petitioning Mr Charlie Flanagan to try and enact change around how this country handles rape cases. 

For too long when a person is raped and they work up the immense courage needed to report the attack they get dragged through an extremely difficult court case where every part of their story and character is picked apart while they try to prove that they didn’t give consent. 

I feel it’s time we changed that. We need to take the onus off not being told no and put it on being told yes. If we do this the accused can't get away with it by saying "I assumed she was up for it." You can't assume where consent is concerned! Either you know you have it or you don't!

We need to start truly supporting victims of rape. We need to remove the grey areas around consent and put an end to rape culture. I feel like this is the first step towards achieving that. 

Please help by throwing your support behind this petition. The louder we are the more likely they’ll listen and we can give a little bit of power back to those that have had it stripped from them. 

He has announced that he plans to study "what more can be done to protect women and girls here" in rape trials. Lets make sure he does more than study! Lets make sure he makes a change for the better!