Put Recess back into Jefferson Parish Schools

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Jefferson Parish School System has taken away recess. I'm told this has been policy for 10 years and it was up to the Principal at the school to enforce. My son has just started school, and I was told at Open House, Recess has been cut out and P.E. has been added to 45 minutes.

I contacted the Principal and she informed me that P.E was now added and longer. Per the Principal- her email states " We do not have a time of the day set aside for recess as per district policy as our schedules must be approved prior to the start of the school year."

I have been looking for days now and contacted the school board, I can not find this District Policy.

This is not acceptable. Children need free time/ Play time.If this school was a Military or boarding school I could understand the whole all work and no play, but this is an elementary school.

I am putting this petition together, so the board members can see the parents are concerned and want their children to have recess back in the school activity's ,

Besides emailing your board members please sign this as support to revoke/ over turn the no recess policy. 

Please email the School board members also, the more heat they get, the better chance the kids will get the recess back.









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