Put our forests first. Stronger national environmental laws to protect unique habitats

Put our forests first. Stronger national environmental laws to protect unique habitats

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Why this petition matters

Started by Jorj Lowrey

The election date is set but where is the commitment to our natural environment? 

My name is Jorj Lowrey. I’ve spent the past two years on the frontline in Manyana NSW, fighting alongside my community to save the last remnants of unburnt native forest from the Black Summer Bushfires that were being threatened by housing development.

We have engaged with all levels of government and seen firsthand how weak environmental laws threaten our beloved forests and the native wildlife that call them home.

The Morrison Government has always prioritised the economy over the environment. And now it plans to undermine proper environmental protections under a new single-touch environmental approval process that will give greedy developers and miners the greenlight to destroy native forests, without needing approval under national environment laws. 

I’m calling on federal leaders to first develop new legally binding national environmental protections, as recommended by Graeme Samuel’s review, before committing $62 million to this new regime. 

As our environment comes under ever-increasing pressure our forests need greater protection, not less. This new legislation would speed the way to even more mining and development. We are already witnessing the knock-on effects of biodiversity loss in the form of extreme weather events everywhere in Australia.

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley’s wildlife-wrecking plans would override the need for project-by-project federal approval and instead establish 10 regional zones in major project hotspots. It seems the government's aim is to make things easier for fossil fuel companies and developers rather than protect our natural environment.

Australia is in an extinction crisis and the 2021 Samuel independent review of Australian environment law confirmed that we are in deep trouble.

The independent Samuel review called for a comprehensive overhaul of our national environment laws if we are to truly preserve Australia’s iconic and unique landscapes and wildlife. 

It’s not too late for us to protect the invaluable native forests and wildlife but we need action NOW. Ahead of the 2022 federal election, let’s send a message to every candidate, every party.

Put our forests first!

15,999 have signed. Let’s get to 25,000!