Give power back to The People

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The Irish political system has failed to address the concerns of a growing number of Irish citizens. This fact has been stated time and time again by our political parties, politicians and others throughout Irish society, to no avail or functioning recourse. As a result, the Irish people are facing crisis after crisis including our health service, our water supply, homelessness and other national issues.

A change in Irish politics is therefore necessary. A rebalancing of political power is required in order to rebuild the people’s shattered confidence in government, which has in the past been all too readily abused by politicians, parties, public servants and lobbyists. 

We are therefore calling for the implementation of citizen initiatives or people-initiated referenda; a mechanism that puts the Irish people at the centre of an inclusive political system and decision-making. 

This is a tried and tested mechanism that is enjoyed in other countries around the world. Introducing the mechanism to the Irish system would significantly enhance democracy in Ireland. It would allow Irish citizens to deliberate and participate in the decision making of our country. It also provides democratic equality for all citizens, not just elected representatives. The mechanism would also complement the current Irish political system and would ensure power ultimately remains with the people rather than elected representatives. 

We believe Irish citizens should have the right to:

a) Veto-Stop unpopular new legislation.
b) Propose new legislation for debate in the Dáil.
c) Initiate constitutional amendments to be contested via referenda 

As an example, if citizen's had the power to veto/stop the introduction of unpopular legislation, it would mean that citizens could potentially block any future legislation went against the will of the people such as Ireland's natural resources being sold / privatised. The power to initiate new legislation provides citizens with a new mechanism to initiate action on other national issues.

This power to veto or initiate legislation through Citizen Initiatives would enable citizens to gather signatures in a petition on a particular issue and do something that they would never be able to do today. To determine if this mechanism should be added to the Irish Constitution, a two-step process has been developed.  The process is called the One Year Initiative.

The first step is the establishment of a Citizens' Assembly who are tasked with devising the mechanism for Citizen Initiatives  - People-Initiated Referenda. The second step is a referendum to allow the Irish people to decide if they want to add the mechanism to the Irish Constitution. 

It's important to note that eighty-three percent (83%) of delegates at the Constitutional Convention 2012 voted in favour of this exact reform but of course, the government has ignored this call. The same percentages were voted at the Citizens Assembly 2017/18

The One Year Initiative process is currently being supported by 47 TDs. There is a Dáil motion calling for the establishment of the 1Yi Citizens' Assembly. The motion is also on the Order of Business in the Seanad and being supported by 13 Senators. We are looking for the Irish public to show their support for the One Year Initiative and Dáil motion by getting involved and signing this petition of support. 

Please sign and share the petition and help us introduce a political reform that will benefit us all and future generations.

Thank You.

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