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Chris is not enjoying Harvest Collegiate High School in Manhattan, New York City, New York and not finding any happiness there. He also only made 1 good friend there and said that one school in "Harlem" has better and more matured students then his school in "Greenwich Village" which he is attending currently. In the summer before 8th Grade, Chris moved to New York after his grandfather gained legal custody from New Jersey where he spent most of his time in Middle School at. He was hoping to have a nice experience living in New York City which he had in 8th Grade, meeting friends from different countries and cultures. But now, he is missing his old friends back in Trenton, New Jersey since he isn't making any friends in his freshman year in the city. Chris is really grateful and loves what his grandfather did for him such as sending him to Italy, etc. Also Chris feels like there are more jobs available when he reaches 16 and be able to drive a car at a younger age. Evidence found on Google, Nottingham High School has a high graduation rate of 97% (NEW JERSEY STATE AVERAGE: 94%). Harvest Collegiate High School in New York City has an Unknown Graduation Rate by Google Searches (NEW YORK CITY AVERAGE: 79%). Chris doesn't want to leave his grandfather in a selfish way, but Chris feels like he will be more positive down in New Jersey, and have a better attitude towards people. Chris and his Grandfather never really had a conversation about this issue and Chris is nervous to talk about it to him since he dosen't want to hurt his grandfather's feeling emotionally and physically. Chris feels like he will have a better high school spirit and waking up every morning excited to go to school and get a good education if he goes to Nottingham!

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