Put an end to Islamophobia in the media

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To demand media channels be more responsible with their headlines and content.

In the wake of the NZ terrorist attack, that claimed 50 innocent lives and left scores injured. We’d like to also remember the many more innocent Muslims killed and maimed by western backed wars and occupations. It’s high time we recognise the adverse affect the negative media coverage Muslims receive and the motivation given to terrorists be it Islamist, White supremacist and otherwise, who seek to create fear and destruction, as well as division amongst societies.

To summarise; the current media rhetoric regarding Muslims is fuelling Islamophobia on a large scale, used to propagate the collective blame and demonisation of Muslims in Britain and the world over.

Despite numerous petitions and complaints directed to Ofcom (Britain’s media regulator), many have been disregarded, when there are clear lines of Islamophobia used with the obvious objective; to demonise muslims and manipulate the British public into increasing their hatred towards the whole Muslim community and leading to targeted attacks against innocent civilians. This is done by attacking all elements of the Muslim belief system, from shariah (the literal translation of law from Arabic), where some aspects have been included in our legal system and within the UN charter, due to their liberating nature towards women & oppressed people.

Also, the fixation on halal slaughter, which has the same rules as Kosher and Orthodox Christian slaughter techniques, where the animal must be treated with kindness and not observe the slaughter of other animals or view the instrument used. The Daily Mail included these conditions for the Jewish method of slaughter (Kosher) but failed to state that these were conditions for the Muslim technique and went further to describe Halal slaughter as barbaric and thus Muslims as such!

The Daily Mail, Express, as well as The Sun and the Telegraph, have enjoyed exploiting the scourge of ISIS and terrorism wrongfully done in the name of Islam, despite the large majority of Muslims actively working against these twisted groups who support such actions, which are clearly forbidden according to the Muslim Holy Book; The Qurán.

We need a change to take place, where all segments of our community in Britain and the world work harder to apply more pressure and those in authority to introduce harsher punishments for those who propagate the hate used on a scale like no other in the past with other people, such as; the Jews in nazi Germany, or Black and Irish people previously here in Britain. Pressure needs to be applied from all corners of British politics and the media regulator OFCOM, who needs to take more action to confront and prevent any such material being produced henceforth!

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