put Aaron Cook in the Olympics

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put Aaron Cook in the Olympics

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Adam Martin-Brooks started this petition to GB taekwondo GB Taekwondo and

Because Aaron Cook is the best male Taekwondo competitor we have and we need him at the Olympics! He is soon to be announced world number 1!

he appealed against GBtaekwondo's decision to go with someone not as good. the BOA said  that they need to go back and choose again but they came back with the same answer. so sign before its to late

here are some of his achievements since he has trained by himself:

  EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, SENIOR EUROPEAN CHAMPION. -80kg Gold, BELGIUM OPEN. -80kg Gold, DUTCH OPEN. -80kg Gold, GERMAN OPEN. -80kg Bronze, US OPEN. -80kg Gold, OLYMPIC TEST EVENT. -80kg Gold, BRITISH OPEN. -80kg Gold., ISRAEL OPEN. -80kg Gold. COSTA RICA OPEN. -80kg Gold. KOREA (CHUNCHEON) OPEN. -80kg Bronze. AUSTRIAN OPEN. -80kg Gold.  

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here are some news stories about what has happened:









His website: http://www.aaroncook.co.uk 

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This petition had 1,295 supporters