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Imans Army

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Sac California police department

Why this petition matters

Started by Tiffany Harrison

I’m taking a stand for all vulnerable adults and seniors to be treated with respect and dignity. of California has abused brother (my love for 25 years) in the following ways

1. illegally removed Imans phone and SIM card so he can’t call his kids. 
2. blocked Imans children from calling or visiting the nursing home.

3. Intimidating a sexual assault victim by kidnapping the victims dad. 

4. Tells  Iman his wife is keeping his kids from him to try and brainwash Iman. 
4. As brother Iman was crying for his wife and best friend to stay had me removed against the PATIENTS wishes. 
5. helped hide brother kk (one who molested our son) in a different city after he touched on many little boys. 
6. tells Iman who has a traumatic brain injury all about his accident even though all medical professionals have told it will harm Imans recovery. 
7. leaves Iman alone in a facility for days knowing he has real family who loves him and wants to be there with him. 
8. Abused our children mentally and emotionally by telling them dad don’t want to talk to them and forgets about them. 

Iman Shabazz is 41 being held against his will in a nursing home. The nursing home allows the abuse and leaves Iman with no sheets. Iman only suffers with short term memory because they continue to destroy his recovery with lies and isolation. His wife has worked 25 years as a cna and wants Iman home. Iman ran away from his family at 15. seen money signs and jumped in illegally. There is no poa has no rights to do this and Iman is of sound mind to make his own decisions. Please sign this Petition to arrest of California and also insure is never allowed around children or vulnerable adults. To find all the video evidence please find us on

tiktok @imans_army6

Facebook teetee savage 


75 have signed. Let’s get to 100!