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Stop supporting animal testing on dogs and other animals

Animal testing relegates animals to a lifetime of experimentation. Purina supports this through their products that are made specifically for lab animals. On the LabDiet webpage, the company goes so far as to recommend the various dog breeds that are suitable for animal testing. Beagles, Purina advocates, are suitable for "long-term laboratory experimentation" because they "adapt well to cage life." The Greyhound, Purina says, is "a common choice for surgical experimentation." Finally the company asserts that dogs are popular for animal experimentation because of their "temperament and loyalty to their caretakers." These statements from a company that also claims that our pets are their "passion." How can Purina claim they are "passionately committed to making pets lives better," while simultaneously supporting the animal testing industry?

Rather than supporting the use of these loyal companions as lab animals, Purina should hold themselves to a higher standard and be a voice against animal experimentation. We want you, Purina, to hold yourself to a higher standard, and stand against animal testing on dogs and other animals. Reform your practices and your advocacy on this issue.

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