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Terminate Professor Maurice Eisenstein

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We are demanding that Purdue University Calumet terminate Prof. Maurice Eisenstein from his position as Associate Professor of Political Science.

In his publicly viewable Facebook page, he stated the following:

• “We have traded one barbarian for another group of barbarians, Muslims.”
• “Now Tunisia is becoming an Islamic terrorist nation. (I know that is an oxymoron.) There is no future in Arab countries ran by Muslims. “
• “This is the main reason to end all immigration from those countries.
• "They love killing Christians."
• "The number [one] hate crime in the country is against Jews and the number one people who want to kill Jews are Muslims."
• "the idiot Mohammad, may his name be cursed"

There are also audio clips of his class lectures available on YouTube, in which he has made similar comments:

• “The Armenians were only killed one time. That is it, they went through a one-time event…after that nobody did anything to the Armenians”
• “..Nothing happened to blacks in the 1960’s in the United States. They had an easy time of it. Y’know, a couple of hoses, water sprayed on them, a couple cold showers, not a real problem.”
• “..Now, why is that people can understand, that there’s a real problem with me going forward and lynching a black, because for whatever reason, but there’s no problem with lynching a Jew.”
• “Muslims do kill everybody else that’s not Muslim, and that’s the nature of what the religion is.”
• “..If they never existed, it really would not make a whole lot of difference. You may miss the oil, but the oil is not, has nothing to do with Muslims, it’s under the ground. Outside of that, except for raping four year olds, they’re not any good. They haven’t done anything. And, even in your wildest dreams, name one thing, that’s come out of any Muslim country...”

Listen to the audio here:

Prof. Eisenstein creates an environment that is not conducive to education by bringing his bigoted rhetoric into his classroom so he can spread his ignorant hatred. How can a student learn in such a racist and hateful environment? How does spreading bigoted and ignorant rhetoric promote a healthy learning environment? Prof. Eisenstein’s remarks go beyond academic freedom and delve into blatant attacks.

Purdue University Calumet prides itself on its large foreign and diverse student population, so how can Purdue continue to promote its atmosphere as a multicultural campus when they retain a racist, Muslim-hating professor?

By continuing to employ Prof. Eisenstein, Purdue University Calumet is putting their academic integrity into question, as well as jeopardizing their international credibility, which would result in declining enrollment among international students.

If Purdue University Calumet refuses to relieve Prof. Eisenstein of his teaching duties, the end result will be the permanent contamination of its reputation as a center for quality education in the Greater Chicagoland Area.

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