Puppies should not be taken advantage of during Covid-19

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Due to the unfortunate events surrounding the pandemic, another issue that must be addressed immediately is the price gouging of puppies all over Canada. Prices from $1000- $11,000 can be seen online on sites such as Kijiji Canada. There is absolutely no reason why puppies sold by registered or non registered breeders should be sold for unreasonably high prices due to the rise in demand. 

You will be able to find two puppies of the same breed with the same number of vaccines, puppy packs and etc for two very different prices. What is the reason for this? It's quite simple. People now feel that since they have a litter available and puppies are in demand due to the quarantine, they can take advantage to make profit. 

This act is vile and demeaning towards those innocent animals. Canada's population raged when stores suddenly started charging more for hand sanitizers and masks when there was a demand. Sites like Amazon took action by monitoring posts where hand sanitizers had their price inflated. I understand those products were essential for humans battling against Covid-19, however protecting animals is also just as important. Price-gouging is not ethical on it's own and now it's being put on pets such as dogs. 

We need a similar action to be taken on sites like Kijiji, because Kijiji Canada is one of the main sources where people go to look  in order to re-home puppies. However, my goal would be to see a ban on price-gouging for puppies in Ontario. That is something that needs to be done province wide. 

 Puppies are living, they eat, sleep , breathe, play as we do. Bringing home a puppy to give him/her love shouldn't be priced to the point where the 0's after the number aren't ending. 

Genuine families who want to love, care and provide puppies with forever homes, cannot because it's become an auction. Highest bid gets the puppy. Messages sent to the breeders are not even opened because unless you offer the listing price for the puppy, you will not be considered.

Puppies do not deserve to be treated as a way of making an extra income due to the pandemic. Puppies that were listed usually for 600-1000 are now listed for an average of 2000-4000k. An average family should not be required to pay such a high payment to give a puppy a home. There are several costs that come with raising a pet, don't make people go broke by asking for unreasonable prices. 

Make a change! Stop PUPPY PRICE-GOUGING. 

You didn't like when sanitizers and masks were being price gouged, and changes were made to stop it. Don't let a puppy be price gouged either.