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Puppies in Peril from Chinese Pet Food


Heidi and BJ were both healthy dogs that passed away within days of eating chicken jerky dog treats from China. Rita and Terie, their owners, and Food & Water Watch are calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to prevent this from happening to other pets by stopping the sale of potentially tainted Chinese pet food in the U.S.

Rita and Terie are not alone in experiencing an incredible loss from what should have been a "treat" for their dogs. Despite the flood of reports of dogs dying from imported dog treats going back as far as 2007, the FDA has done nothing to fix the problem. Unfortunately, these pet treats are likely just the tip of the iceberg. We know that the FDA has a poor track record of ensuring the safety of food from China for people and pets.

Help make sure this doesn't happen to more pets or people by contacting the FDA today, and please be sure to add your own personal story if you've been affected by this issue.

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