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Punish RADU BANCIU, from B1TV for instigation to crimes towards animals, at the full extend of the law : Codul Penal art.324

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Preambul   We the signatories of this petition  are in total disbelief and outraged that in a country member of the EU, a TV Show host and producer has been allowed to instigate to crimes against animals, in a LIVE broadcast of the show : "Lumea lui Banciu "  Friday, 11 pm, on B1TV. He offered 250 Lei to anyone who will skin alive a dog, and bring him the pelt. Then he said : They can leave the dog on the street afterwards." He repeated this despicable and barbaric offer several time, and there are countless witnesses.    The huge wave of outrage which follow has forced the same TV station B1TV to edit the same broadcast, and post on line  a very short version of the show...action which demonstrate the intention to cover up Mr. Banciu instigation to crime, which is punished by the Romanian Penal Code ( art.324 ) with prison time. Further more, some of his comments where posted on his FB Timeline as well as on B1TV Facebook page, on Saturday Sept.21 around 3 pm. We suspect these postings have also been deleted. More information about this UNBELIEVABLY disgraceful display of hatred in Romanian Media cand be found in the following links :
We are shocked by the audacity of this individual who, instead of offering a public apology, in the Interview he gave Saturday, Sept.21, he justified his "call for the killing of dog " as a civic duty to raise people awareness  that they have to take action for what they want and assume the responsibilities. Does it mean that people should start breaking their country's laws in force if they are not happy with a situation ?   We the signatories of this petition, ask all Romania authorities,the Police, The Office of the Attorney General , The Romanian National Commission for the Media, to immediately take action against Radu Banciu, because he also Violated the Code of Ethics  of the Mass Media, but investigated and punished based on the Romanian Penal Code, art.324 We know that the Romanian Law for the Protection of Animals ( 9/2008 ) severely punishes the cruelty and the killing of animals. Mr, RADU BANCIU is a disgrace for the Romanian Mass Media, and should be fired. ttp:// Please, also analyze his statements in the following links
ONG-urile fura banii
Il face praf si pulbere ( il jigneste ) pe Claudiu Dumitriu din Brasov Last but not least, from the beginning of the month of September 2013, we have witnessed the UGLIEST mass media manipulation and instigation to hate towards animals ( especially dogs ) and their owners, protectors , probably in the history of Mass media in Europe.The Romanian Mass Media has shown the entire world that it is incapable of objective and neutral journalism, by manipulating and misinforming the population.  It is know that many more petitions regarding this unacceptable mentality and attitude taken by the Romanian Media recently, have already gathered thousands and thousands of signatures.   Please punish Mr. RADU BANCIU, at the full extend of the Romanian Penal Code, and also for the violation of the Code of Ethics of the Mass Media Thank you  

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