Punish Criminal Corporations

Punish Criminal Corporations

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The Sacramento Z Newspaper started this petition to sen kami and

a "corporation" is not merely "a collection of investors" as some would have us believe. Since 1886 (USSC: Santa Clara Co. v. Southern Pacific Railroad) corporations have asserted  their legal status as "persons". However, corporations themselves have never been charged with a crime or convicted as felons. They demand their rights as "persons" under the U.S. Constitution, but avoid being held criminally responsible for crimes which real persons would be charged and convicted.. It is time we ended this subversion of our laws:  


BANK OF AMERICA was fined 800 million $'s. JP Morgan, 1.3 Billion. So what? That won't change a thing. Taking away their fraudulent "personhood" will be very difficult, slow & doubtful. That won't stop them. What will? This:


If corporations insist on the rights of "personhood"
then let them be held accountable like ordinary persons.

It's not enough to fine criminal corporations, even a few billion dollars. They just call that "the cost of doing business" and pass those costs on to you, the consumer and taxpayer;

It's not enough to send a few senior executives to prison. They just call them "expendable units" and replace them with new, more clever criminals.

If corporations insist on having the rights of persons, then they should be held accountable the same as ordinary persons. As convicted felons, they should lose:

-- their rights as "persons, just like ordinary felons;
-- their right to privacy, decision making, property and liberty, just like ordinary felons;
-- their right to choose what they do, who they associate with, where they can go, what they can earn, and other liberties, just like ordinary felons;

In addition,

-- They may be compelled to make restitution and repair damages their crimes have caused, just like ordinary felons;
-- Punished as an example to other corporations;
-- For the term of their sentence, adjusted relative to their wealth and power, they should be treated just as we treat ordinary felons;
-- If convicted of capital crimes, they should be subject to the death penalty; that is, totally liquidated, with the proceeds going to compensate the victims of their crimes and repair of the damage they have done;

-- and, yes, they should be compelled to wear "prison uniforms - bold statements on their letterheads, emails, all communications, advertising and such that clearly states: "THIS IS A FELON CORPORATION SERVING TIME FOR SERIOUS CRIMES. ALL TRANSACTIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS OF THIS CORPORATION ARE SUBJECT TO THE REVIEW AND OVERSIGHT OF THE COURTS.


More detail can be read on my facebook note page - https://www.facebook.com/notes/red-slider/corporations-as-felons-repost/634783426568490



0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!