Is an Exam more important than the lives of thousands of students?

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  • Students in the last year have proved their metal by studying and passing and reaching up to the last year ! It's imperative for the educational system to understand this !
  • Not only the whole nation but the entire globe is facing the same crisis and yet we are putting the lives of the younger upcoming generation in jeopardy by conducting exams in such a state of emergency. 
  • This isn't just educational crisis this is an existential crisis! What if while conducting exams for thousands of students even one person is infected it will increase the the spread of the virus twice its normal pace! Also the youth of your nation cannot be compromised by even a possibility...even if precautionary measures are taken there is no telling what can happen under such circumstances.
  • As compared to Goa and Rajasthan the cases in Maharashtra are quite alot and yet the exams in those states have been cancelled why? Shouldn't it be the other way round? Are we really going to risk the future of these students? 
  • The only way we can stop is cancelling the exams of the last year students and by giving granting them certification of their respective courses.
  • This is personal because I am a student too! It scares me to think about my parents my relatives and people living around me because of this mistake even they could suffer. I thus humbly ask the educational authorities to certify the last year students without conducting exams and may their decision be the best for the youth of our nation as I conclude this petition with the upmost respect to all the authorities.