Hadapsar Garbage Dump - Stench Control

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People living in the 'upmarket' Sopan Baug and Uday Baug are treated to the smell of rotting waste everyday from the Hadapsar Garbage Dump located at 63B, Takar Path, Swami Vivekananda Nagar, Hadapsar Industrial Estate, Hadapsar, Pune 13. 

This stench floats in with the warm rising breeze every warm morning and evening. This methane is neither healthy nor tolerable and it is quite obvious that areas closer to the dump must be suffering even more. We are also sure that other areas in Pune would have such open dumps too. 

We request the Pune Municipal Corporation to find a practical solution to this problem as soon as possible. A smart city cannot be a smelly one. 

Thank you, Sincerely, 

Residents of the area around this dump.