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Puget Sound Area Officials: Stop Killing Canada Geese

USDA Wildlife Services has been lethally removing Canada Geese from the Puget Sound area for 14 years under an interlocal agreement between several cities and entities within this region.  The geese are being rounded up in our parks and gassed to death or shot on Lake Washington, as well as elsewhere.  In 2014, over 1200 geese were killed by Wildlife Services in just King County alone. 

Many humane solutions can be utilized to mitigate conflicts with geese in urban areas.  These include reduction of populations through egg addling, use of OvoControl-G (a proven oral birth control method for geese), and sterilization.  Various other measures to reduce conflicts include: landscape modifications, goose deterrent products and control techniques, automated devices to clean up goose droppings, and education and public outreach on the need to stop feeding waterfowl. 

Health concerns are often cited in order to justify the killing of geese.  However, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) web site, “Canada geese are not considered to be a significant source of any infectious disease transmittable to humans or domestic animals.” 

The members of the 2015 interlocal agreement to kill geese include Bellevue, Kent, Kirkland, Mountlake Terrace, Port of Seattle - Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Renton, Seattle Parks and Recreation, SeaTac, Tacoma Metro Parks, Tukwila, Woodinville, University of Washington, and Washington State Parks.

Washington State Parks is the latest member of the agreement.  In 2013 they directly hired Wildlife Services to kill geese at Lake Sammamish State Park.  After saying that they had no plans to kill geese again in any of the state parks, they hired Wildlife Services in 2014 to kill geese at both Lake Sammamish and Deception Pass State Parks. 

Killing geese creates a void in the environment, other geese quickly move in, and a new round of killing begins.  This creates an endless cycle of killing.  The brutal killing of thousands of geese including their newborn goslings is unacceptable.  We must do a better job of sharing the earth with wildlife. 

There is extensive information on humane alternatives on the internet.  Some of these include:

Other important articles are listed below. 

Bloody Skies: The Fight to Reduce Deadly Bird-Plane Collisions

Why doesn’t the FAA adopt avian radar tracking to help pilots avoid colliding with birds? 

According to Capt. Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger “There’s always this constant tension between doing what’s easiest, what’s quickest, what’s least costly, versus taking the time, making the effort, to doing it right.” 

Congressmen question costs, mission of Wildlife Services agency 

The USDA will investigate U.S. Wildlife Services after accusations of reckless predator control, abuse of animals and failure to account for costs. 

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This petition was delivered to:
  • SeaTac City Council
  • City Manager, City of SeaTac
    Todd Cutts
  • Executive Director, Tacoma Metro Parks
    Jack C. Wilson
  • Department Director Parks and Natural Resources, Tacoma Metro Parks
    Marina Becker
  • President, Tacoma Metro Parks Board
    Tim Reid
  • Board Member, Tacoma Metro Parks Board
    Erik Hanberg
  • Board Member, Tacoma Metro Parks
    Larry Dahl
  • Board Member, Tacoma Metro Parks
    Aaron Pointe
  • Board Member, Tacoma Metro Parks
    Andrea Smith
  • Mayor of Tukwila
    Jim Haggerton
  • Tukwila City Council
  • Parks and Recreation Director, City of Tukwila
    Rick Still
  • Mayor of Woodinville
    Bernie Talmas
  • City Manager, City of Woodinville
    Richard Leahy
  • Airport Director, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
    Mark Reis
  • Director of Environmental Health & Safety, University of Washington
    Jude Van Buren
  • Parks and Golf Course Director, City of Renton
    Kelly Beymer
  • Renton City Council
  • Interim President, University of Washington
    Ana Mari Cauce
  • Mayor of Tacoma
    Marilyn Strickland
  • Mayor of Seattle
    Ed Murray
  • Acting Superintendent, Seattle Parks and Recreation
    Christopher Williams
  • Resource Conservation Coordinator, Seattle Parks and Recreation
    Barbara DeCaro
  • Mayor of Bellevue
    Claudia Balducci
  • Director of Parks and Community Services, City of Bellevue
    Patrick Foran
  • Mayor of Kent
    Suzette Cooke
  • Director, Parks, Recreation & Community Services, City of Kent
    Jeff Watling
  • Mayor of Kirkland
    Amy Walen
  • Kirkland City Council
  • City Manager, City of Kirkland
    Kurt Triplett
  • Parks and Community Services Director, City of Kirkland
    Jennifer Schroder
  • Mayor of Mountlake Terrace
    Jerry Smith
  • City Manager, City of Mountlake Terrace
    Arlene Fisher
  • Mayor of Renton
    Denis Law
  • .Bellevue City Council
  • Seattle Parks and Recreation
    Laurie Dunlap
  • Park Operations Manager, City of Kirkland
    Jason Filan
  • Public Works Director, City of Mountlake Terrace
    Curt Brees
  • Parks Operation Manager, City of SeaTac
    Roger Chouinard
  • Sr. Admin. Asst., City of Woodinville
    Amy Ensminger
  • Airport Wildlife Biologist and Manager, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
    Steve Osmek
  • Senior Public Health Advisor, University of Washington
    Charles Easterberg
  • Director Washington State Parks
    Don Hoch
  • Resource Steward, Washington State Parks
    Andrew Fielding
  • Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
    Joseph Sands
  • City Manager, City of Bellevue
    Brad Miyake
  • Grounds Operations Manager, City of Bellevue
    Pat Harris
  • Golf Course Superintendent, City of Tukwila
    Curt Chandler
  • Woodinville City Council
  • Seattle Board of Park Commissioners
  • Kent City Council
  • Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

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