PUGB: LITE Servers for Central America/Carribean region

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Recently the PUGB: LITE team introduce new servers for Brazil and Turkey and also available for play in Latin America, and we say a big thanks to them for that support for Brazilian, Turkey and Latin community, but still is another issue out there that we wish it was resolve and that is North America and Central America/Caribbean region server. I suggest the location of the server on East North America (Florida) or another place nearby because in that way we all can play at decent ping for the most part of the region. Central America countries probably with 40 to 60 ms and also North America we all can play with less than 120 ms.

PUGB: LITE team, we encourage all of you to hear our voices and do it for the community and PUGB LITE fans. We need servers for our region too. I hope you see this and make a statement for this petition. Do it for all the Central America players that support the game more and more.

Example image for the location

Example image for the location

Example imagen for the location