Save Puerto Rico’s zoo animals

Save Puerto Rico’s zoo animals

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Started by Finley B

As Hurricane Maria violently struck Puerto Rico, frightened zoo animals cowered in their enclosures as the rain and wind beat down. The dilapidated Dr. Juan A. Rivero Zoo was unprepared for the hurricane and its destructive aftermath.  

And more than a year after the hurricane, Puerto Rico and the zoo are still forgotten. It never re-opened to the public after Hurricanes Irma and Maria and without adequate resources animals are starving and dying. Two pumas just died, and it is reported that Felipe the Rhino is limping after inadequate medical care, and the zoo’s chimpanzees are malnourished.  

Sign and share today to urge Puerto Rico to shut down this negligent zoo and immediately retire the zoo animals to sanctuaries.  

After a 12-year long recession and Maria’s destruction, activists concerns have finally prompted a government investigation into the recent deaths. Puerto Rico is still recovering, but with no designated government support, this zoo is a death sentence for the animals locked inside.

To save these suffering animals, we must apply pressure to urge Puerto Rico to shut down the zoo and allow the animals to retire to sanctuaries. Sign today to add your support.

449,351 have signed. Let’s get to 500,000!