Tethering laws for Pueblo Colorado

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Pueblo Co. needs a have a tethering law in place for helpless animals that are left chained outside with very little shelter and in freezing weather or very hot conditions.  There are no specific laws except that it is ok to leave dogs or cats outside as long as there is shelter but shelter can be defined as plywood leaned up against a house.  This is not adequate conditions for anyone!  There needs to be a time limit on dogs chained outside.  There needs to be specific definitions for shelter and specific temperatures for when animals need to be inside adequate shelter.  Fines need to be given when this does not happen and given to support the local animal shelters.  We are in the process of reforming the Pueblo Animal Shelter and this is a step towards that process.  It benefits are local animal shelters, it shows how we are a caring supportive community and it shows the love of all our animals in this wonderful mountain state.  It can also cravats more jobs for our community to enforce these laws! Supporters need to contact Pueblo City Council to get this done. Win or lose we have started the conversation. We need to follow suit with California, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia and get this law across the states.  These are our pets our companionship’s yet we do not treat them this way.