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Pueblo Animal Services (PAS) needs  to change their policies regarding puppies and dogs and all animals under their care.

That is that "when" one such Animal shows undesirable behavior during an evaluation (aka a temperament test) instead of making the said animal unadoptable (because the said animal is then deemed a threat to society and PAS [under current policy] must euthanize the said animal). Instead we will be urging PAS to have that pertular animal go for further evaluation and undergo behavior modification as deemed necessary as a new policy! Furthermore, PAS Needs to implement their own 'force-free' behavior modification program. The Humane Society of Boulder Valley has an excellent example program. 

This is where PAS can use social media and other means of communication to deliver the information to the general public about said animal and ask for donations if needed.

Furthermore, if a member of society is willing and able to adopt said animal then PAS SHOULD allow (once again through policy changes) that individual to adopt with the agreement in writing that he or she (as the new owner) is willing and able to provide the necessary behavior modification training (either by having the needed experience personally [and having proof of such experience and or education], hiring a certified dog trainer with behavior modification experience, or a certified animal behaviorist, and or a veterinary animal behaviorist.)  

Note: above I put "when" instead of "if" an animal shows undesirable behavior because there is always going to be some animals that won't pass the temperament tests. This can be due to a number of reasons (the animal had been abused, the animal is terrified in the environment, the animal has some unknown fear driving the behavior, the animal didn't have the crucial time needed with his mother and littermates, the list could go on and on) The point is this animal needs help at this point in time and we as a community can all come together as we have for Happy! Just in a larger way as we will be petitioning for huge policy changes!

In bringing this to PAS we will be urging them to change certain policies, while informing them that we appreciate all thay do and will be supporting them through the changes. We won't be blaming individuals we will be encouraging a new; focus that is, the value of each individual Animal's life.

Additionally, the goal we will be conveying to PAS will be, euthanizing should be reserved for the very ill, severely injured, and animals that have truly hurt someone. PAS needs to implement the Companion Animal Protection ACT

Some people will argue about the last point, saying something like "why not pervert people from getting hurt by euthanizing dogs who show a bit of aggressive behavior?" That is what PAS's current stand on the matter is and we want to change that.

To that I want to point out two things:

(1) if we all as a community really start bringing animals especially dogs to behavior modification training when our dogs show behavior problems, we as individuals will be learning the techniques to help our dogs. Thus the likelihood of our dogs hurting someone is greatly decreased.

(2) Have we not been viewing our animals as members of the family for decades now? With that in mind would we be willing to allow our kids to be sentence to death (because they are displaying some questionable behavior)?

Of course not! And I believe most patients would take their child (who is having behavior problems) to behavior coaching (also known as counseling or therapy) Thus, shouldn't we do the same for our dogs!!! And other animals that need the help?

And what about those of us that truly can't afford to take our Animal to behavior modification training and end up sending our animal to PAS? Are those animals a lost cause? I say NO! that is where both PAS and the community can work together and save the animals. It will all start with the community urging Pueblo Animal Shelter to change some policies so we can help by donating to each individual Animal's needs to be rehabilitated.


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