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PUBLIX: Stop keeping hens in cages. Go cage-free!

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I decided to start this petition after learning from Compassion in World Farming that Publix is one of the few remaining supermarket chains without a cage-free egg policy. I was raised in Lakeland, FL, home of Publix headquarters. I even went to George Jenkins High School, named after the founder of Publix. Some of my relatives have worked for Publix. As a father of three, it’s where I do most of my family grocery shopping.

As a loyal Publix customer, I was discouraged to hear Publix still sells eggs from hens kept in cages so small they have less space than the size of an iPad. Laying hens spend their entire lives in these battery cages, unable to stretch their wings, perch, or do anything else chickens were meant to do.

Publix is a multi-billion dollar company with more than 1,000 supermarkets across the South, and I know they care about their customers. Please join me and Compassion in World Farming in asking Publix to commit to 100% cage-free eggs!

Consumers have made it clear they expect better for animals. In fact, Target, Kroger, Albertsons, Food Lion, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and many other grocery stores have publicly pledged to stop selling eggs from caged hens in response to consumer demand.

Huge restaurant chains including McDonald’s and Taco Bell also announced plans to ensure eggs from hens raised in these conditions will be phased out of their supply chains. Companies including Kraft-Heinz and Nestle also say they will not use the product of such terrible suffering.

There is simply no excuse for Publix to continue to sell eggs from hens confined to cages. Is it too much for Publix to ask its suppliers to give birds enough space to spread their wings and walk around?

On the Publix website you can read how much they care about their commitment to being responsible in the community. You can see they say they will never knowingly disappoint customers. Well, I am a customer. And I was deeply disappointed when I learned Publix still supports cruel, outdated cages in the egg industry.

A 2014 social and environmental responsibility report from Publix goes into detail about steps they’re taking for the environment, including a more sustainable seafood supply. I would expect a well-respected company like Publix to include removing cages from its supply chain as part of its self-stated responsibility to the community.

That same report concludes with CEO Ed Crenshaw writing that the main focus of Publix “is on delivering premier customer service, but let there be no doubt that the impact on this planet we call home is always on our minds.”

Let’s tell Publix that its customers in Florida and beyond do not want eggs from a hen who spent her life crammed in a cage. Because Florida is a big tourist destination, please keep this petition in mind when you visit our great state and make your own shopping decisions, too!

Animals deserve better, and Publix should take this issue as seriously as its competitors in the grocery industry already have. Please sign the petition!

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