Creating awareness about the hazards of pegion droppings on human health

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We are starting a signature campaign to educate people on the hazards of pegion droppings on human health.

We also want to convert the Pegion Triangle bordering CR Park and Nehru place, into a green triangle .

Listed below is a detailed article on the dangers of inhaling air carrying particulates of pigeon droppings.

Petition for converting Pigeon Triangle on Ho Chi Minn Marg near CR Park, Nehru Enclave and Pamposh Enclave, to Green Triangle

We, the residents of the 3 colonies namely B Block CR Park, Nehru Enclave and Pamposh Enclave, demand that the pigeon triangle on Ho Chi Minn Marg, be removed with immediate effect and the same area be re instated as a Green Triangle. This is because pigeon droppings and feathers cause life threatening diseases of the lungs and chest.

The triangle has become a breeding ground for hundreds of pigeons. Apart from nesting and breeding in this area, they have infested the homes of the 3 colonies and have clogged pipes, shafts and other open areas with droppings. They have also destroyed ACs and other exposed expensive equipments, causing major health and life risks for the residents of this area. These pigeons are further assisted by blindly superstitious people who come from outside to feed them. As a result, the place has also turned into a burgeoning business for several grain sellers who have set up permanent sitting areas to sell grains to the feeders. Needless to say, these activities are all illegal.

It is extremely necessary to create a garden on this triangle since pigeons do not breed in green areas. Half grown/full grown trees and large planter pots can be planted to convert the area immediately into a green cover. But before that, it is also necessary to reduce the size of the triangle so that the green cover also becomes manageable.

The green triangle is needed to improve the environment and quality of air around this area and make it a better place to live for the residents.
In this petition, we are supported by residents from several other blocks of CR Park, doctors and other experts in the matter."


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