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Rajpur Road is one of the finest roads in Dehra Dun, lined on both the sides by lush green trees.

Public Works Department , Government of Uttarakhand, has come up with a project to four lane the road from Kishanpur to Max Hospital. The proposal will lead to felling of dozens of green trees.

The road is wide enough for the present traffic and for the traffic in forseeable future. The access road to Max Saket New Delhi is about the width of Rajpur Road and that of Max Patpargang Delhi that of Subhash Road. So, there is really no need to four lane the road.

Therefore nothing will be gained by felling precious green trees which are the beauty of the road.

We would like to request the PWD of Uttarkhand Govt to give up its proposal to widen the road and save the environment of Doon Valley

Letter to
Public Works Department, Government of Uttarakhand Mr. A.P. Khanduri
Chief Minister, Uttarakhand Mr. Vijay Bahuguna
We have read with alarm reports of your proposal to four lane the Rajpur Road from Kishanpur to Max Hospital.

We wish to point out to you that the road is lined on both side by majestic green trees and is one of the best roads in Dehra Dun. The traffic at present and in the forseeable future is unlikely to be high enough to cause traffic snarls.

We also wish to point out that access roads to Max Hospital Delhi (Saket) is roughly the width of present Rajpur Road and that of Max Hospital Patparganj is the width of Subhash Road.

Therefore plans to widen the present Rajpur Road are not appropriate and felling of green trees will be detremential to the environment of Doon Valley.

We therefore urge you to withdraw your proposal to widen the said portion of Rajpur Road.

Thank you.l

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