Help Stop ONCOR's Attack on Texas Homeowners with Solar Panels!

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What Oncor, a regulated electric transmission and distribution service provider, is trying to do affects all solar panel users and it sets bad precedent for competition. Oncor is treating consumers differently and this amounts to a special “carve out” for utilities to derive income on the investment of consumers. Oncor wants to extract profit from solar customers by forcing a fee from those who consume less of Oncor’s product. 

For years Oncor encouraged it’s consumer base to install solar panels through the use of incentives that subsidized the cost of installing the solar panels. Oncor touted the benefits of solar panels. Now that many have installed solar panels under this encouragement, Oncor seeks to penalize and exploit a profit from those consumers. 

Oncor claims the cost is for the lines installed to provide electricity to Solar homes for times when the solar panels are not producing. This is not only untrue; it is factually incorrect. What Oncor doesn’t want the public to know is that Solar panels provide electricity during peek hours – steady for businesses and industry. Solar power provides electricity closer to the load than any power plant. It stabilizes the voltage. Since electricity does not care where it goes, the Solar Panels provide electricity to the grid on the very power lines for which the electric companies claim the solar residences must now pay an extra fee. Oncor is able to avoid installing equipment that would otherwise be required to provide reliable service to the rest of its consumers. It’s a huge benefit to the utility at ZERO overhead cost! 

Additionally, Solar panel homes consume during off peak hours, when it’s most beneficial to Retail Electric Providers and distributers to offload electricity. 

Utilities charge a minimum bill that is assessed to all residents, a minimum bill is just what it implies, a minimum amount charged when the consumer uses less then the thresh hold amount of electricity. On average a minimum usage charge of $10.95 applies in billing months where monthly usage is 999 kWh or less. If any charge should be applied to solar panel users is this fee not an artificial and arbitrary fee of around $40.00.

Oncor is trying to deny citizens choice of product and provides a windfall profit to itself, although the consumer undertook the expense of the solar panels. 

Please join me in telling Oncor, the Public Utility Commission of Texas and your State Representative to say NO to this type of attack!  

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