Till how long Rapes will go on?

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Till how long rapes will go on? 

I will keep my words precise.I came across another gangrape incident on Facebook today.It was described so torturous and brutal that it sent chills down my spine.Yes I am talking about that Rohtak gangrape which is a reminder of Nirbhaya.

I just want to ask you How  these animals dare not jus rape a woman but brutally kill her!!!

Why do these rapists don't fear law? Why do we have such a lack of detterant punishment which is least helpful in creating a panic in the minds of potential rapists?

Why are the rapists not publicly brutally punished so as to send a strong message That a women is safe in India and nobody should dare touch her.

There are so many questions.

I request our justice system and prime minister Modi ji to do something in the matter so that we start feeling safe in our country.

I really have high hopes from Modi ji because he has been making many positive changes out there.

Please help in stopping/ averting/ preventing these kinds of heinous crimes.

 Please help me send this to Modiji.

Please sign the petition