Suitable changing areas for those with hidden disabilities in all public settings

Suitable changing areas for those with hidden disabilities in all public settings

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Started by Jodi Saxon

In Britain there are over 10 million people who have a limiting long term illness, impairment or disability. That’s over 18% of the population. 
Sanitation was declared a universal human right. This means everyone, everywhere has the right to a toilet…what about those that are unable to use a toilet?

There is a 5 pillar criteria that sanitation services must meet in order to satisfy sanitation: 

1) Available (near households, schools, workplaces, health centres)

2)Accessible (to all without discrimination) 

3) Affordable (should not exceed 5% of households incomes)

4) Safe (free from Health hazards and in locations that are safe for all users)

5) Acceptable (culturally and socially, and must protect people’s privacy and dignity)

It was made compulsory in 2021 for all new buildings; supermarkets, shopping centres, sports and arts venues to include at least one changing place suitable for disabled people. 
Yes, this is a step in the right direction, but what about existing buildings. We are seeing renovations in existing locations to keep things visually appealing. Nothing is being done to cater for people with additional health care and hygiene needs. 
Whilst they display the familiar Blue Disabled sign, many of these toilets fail to provide the correct equipment or space for older children or adults to change in a dignified manner. 

We need larger changing tables, mobile changing beds & mobility assistance to protect carers. We don’t just need this, those that we care for DESERVE this.
I had to change my 9 year old son, on a cold, dirty toilet floor in a store that promotes ‘empowering people’.
I fight for his education, his care & his equality in society, I shouldn’t have to fight for changing facilities when it’s basic human rights.

41,716 have signed. Let’s get to 50,000!