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Offer only healthy beverage choices in Brookline's K-8 schools!

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"According to the National Dairy Council, an eight-ounce carton of flavored milk contains four teaspoons (sixty-four calories) of sugar, and that’s on top of the twelve grams of natural sugar already in there. If a child has two cartons a day, as hundreds of thousands of kids do, that adds up to eight teaspoons of added sugar a day and two gallons per child every school year, which is more than twenty-three thousand calories—none of which are needed, and all of which are potentially dangerous. Even a small change can add up to big numbers."
-The New Yorker, June 16th, 2011

It's debatable whether flavored milks in some way might benefit communities in food deserts or those that tend to be affected by poor nutrition. However, this is certainly not the case in Brookline, where childhood poverty is low; fresh, healthy foods are readily available; and nutrition is excellent overall.

With the departure of our last Food Services Director came the reintroduction of chocolate milk to our K-8 cafeterias. Let's ask Food Services to once again set a great example and offer our kids only healthy drink choices! Specifically, we're asking that:

1) Flavored milks be removed permanently from the cafeteria offerings.

2) Sodas and sweetened drinks (not including natural, unsweetened fruit juices) never be offered by the school in any way.

3) Stations for refilling reusable water bottles be installed in school buildings, especially in the cafeteria--enough to meet demand during busy lunchtimes.

4) At every opportunity, staff be encouraged to provide students with education about healthy choices when it comes to drinks, meals, and snacks--this might include posters in the cafeteria, in-class discussions, informal conversations, assembly topics, and the like.

Of interest might be the following TED talk:

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