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Petitioning Public Sanity and Tourism Department of the Dominican Republic

Act against massive dogs poisoning on touristic beaches ordered by hotels

Since years, as in a lot of touristic countries, massive dogs poisoning is the only solution applied for restraining dogs overpopulation on beaches. In the Dominican Republic, foundations as Collares Rojos (Red Collars) are working on spaying and neutering those animals to avoid them a long and horribly painful death, but due to a none respect for life, many dogs are poisoning only under resorts management orders. Today we receive the news that 36 dogs where poisoning next to a resort, even after Collares Rojos have spay or neutered and vaccinated them a few weeks ago. This have to stop, and you, tourists planing to visit the beautiful Dominican Republic, can be part of the change, telling to the government you will no longer come to their beaches if those animals have to pay with their life and suffering.
Be their voices, act now!

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  • Public Sanity and Tourism Department of the Dominican Republic

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