PUBLIC SAFETY concern: W. Main St. - 495 exits to Lumber St., Hopkinton

PUBLIC SAFETY concern: W. Main St. - 495 exits to Lumber St., Hopkinton

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Started by Darlene Hayes

A 2 tenth of mile stretch on West Main Street has the highest accident rate in town for many years. From the 495 exit ramps to the lights at Lumber St with a high amount of these being caused by driver's exiting left out of Cumberland Farms and broadsiding traffic going straight,

In 2008, 14 years ago a study was done by the Hopkinton Police identifying this area as the highest occurrence of accidents in town. In 2019, my son was broadsided by someone taking a left out of Cumberland Farms while he was traveling straight on West Main commuting to work. I know two friends who live on the West side of town who have both had their cars totaled there and one with fairly serious injury. So far this year, we are already in double digits of accidents occurring here & only 12 weeks into the year.

This area has seen a huge surge or residential and commercial growth and the residents on the West side of Hopkinton need to travel this route safely to get to any school, the library, senior center, town hall & most local restaurants. 

This petition is to garner support for Public Safety measures to be put in place by the town leadership, Cumberland Farms & any other private stake holders. Hopkinton prides itself saying it is one of the safest communities, this public image has been utilized to attract residents and businesses here - it's time that this stretch of West Main Street is made safer to align with the "character" town leadership lauds about in regards how safe our community is rated. This must include having safety measures in place where accidents continually happen, wanting residents, travelers coming on & off 495, businesses' employees and youth who frequent this area on foot, bike & skateboard to have public safety traffic measures in place.

It all starts here, lets demand that town leadership make this heavily trafficked area on West Main Street that has the highest rate of accidents in Hopkinton much safer. 

814 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!