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Public Request for Installation of street lights in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

For years, residents of Palam Vihar (Gurgaon/New Delhi) have been demanding installation of street lights in their locality, but the Govt. of Haryana hasn't taken any steps to ensure street lights in the area.

Roads are dark and lack visibility post sunset, specially when it's raining and during winters. Street lights are important to reduce crime and ensure our safety and security especially women and children.

There are enough mentions of crime in this area, thefts, chain snatching, carkacking and many more. Residents are tired of trying to reach out to local authorities, who make false promisesand take no action.

The recent 'Delhi Gang Rape' has revealed many inefficiencies in the system, after such cases, all authorities are expected to work proactively for their areas, but sadly the authorities have shown no interest to safe guard women in this area.

As a Palam Vihar resident request you to sign my petition telling the Chie Secretary of Hayana to install street lights in the area and help Palam Vihar residents lead a safe life.

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Letter to
Cheif Secretary, Haryana Government Sh. P K Chaudhery
HUDA, Administrator Dr. Praveen Kumar
Public Request for Installation of street lights from Columbia Asia Hospital to Sec 4 Crossing, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon

Dear Sir,

Residents of Parkview Residency, Sec 3, Gurgaon have been trying their luck with local authorities to install street lights on this master plan (around 2 Kms) stretch from Columbia Asia Hospital to Sec 4 crossing in Palam Vihar. Other than writing and coordinating to DHBVN directly, a team of residents met Dr. Kumar, Administrator, HUDA in Dec 2011 and were assured an action within 3 months. Over an year have passed, we are still waiting, Residents of PVR are tired writing and smsing to HUDA and decided to write this petition as another collective effort to request for a quick action.

Why street light is important for us?
1. It is our right to live in a fear free society, safety and security of our women and children.
2. This is the only road that take us out anywhere in Gurgaon, it is utter dark at night hence not safe.
2. In the dense fog, many accidents have been reported so this also becomes an accident prone area.
3. Most women in PVR are working, it is not only difficult to drive in dense fog or heavy rain, it could also be a threat to their safety and security in case of a car break down.
4. Due to widening of the master plan road, traffic has only increased to multi-fold in last couple years, especially commercial trucks, illegal tractors and roadways buses.
5. This is the alternate route from Dwarka to South Gurgaon, inviting increased private traffic in terms of call center cabs.
6. Ms. Bharti Arora, DCP Traffic has already written to HUDA regarding installation of street lights on the above mention road in her letter dated 07 June 2011 wide letter number 27 83 86. Cced to Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon, Inspector General of Police, Traffic, Joint Commissioner of Police, Gurgaon and The Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon.
7. In general, lighting improvements are more likely to have a positive impact on the public’s fear of crime.
8. The recent 'Delhi Gang Rape' has revealed many inefficiencies in the system, after such cases, all authorities are expected to work proactively for their areas.

Sir, we aim for a better living for us and the generations to come, we would be more than happy to be a help to the authorities. This petition should only be seen as a work and improvement towards the society.

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