My Water Promise

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Water plays an important role in our lives. Because we live in a country surrounded by so much water, we often forget about the importance of conservation.

The freshwater supply available for consumption is only about 3% of the total world supply of water. This means that if all of the world’s water is thrust into a cup, drinkable water would only be about half a teaspoon! More than one billion people in this planet do not have access to safe drinking water.

We shouldn’t leave the responsibility of saving water on our government agencies and policy makers alone. There are many ways wherein we can save water at home, business, farm, industries, etc.

All of us can become better at saving water. It is the need of the hour!

We, at DAV Public School, Kailash Hills, understand the need to save water, and hereby sign this petition.

I pledge to save some water every day!

I pledge to save water,
to treat it with care,
never to waste it,
I wouldn’t dare!
I will not pollute it.
I won’t hesitate
to tell other people
of water’s sad state.
I pledge to conserve
every drop that I can
every day of the week.
That is my plan!

I pledge to save some water every day!