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Petitioning Justice Minister of Canada Peter McKay

Call your MP's, MLA's and demand a public inquiry into the MacIntosh case. Please help us get these victims justice

For anyone that is not aware of Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh, he is a convicted pedophile in the 70's, then get charged again with over 20 charges foe sexual crimes against young boys. This mans case was aquitted not because of the facts of the case, but by a procidual error and all charges were overturned . Its been over 13 years that these brave men came forward and spoke out on what happened to them and now they just want answers that only a public inquiry can get for them. Please visit our website and like us on facebook

Letter to
Justice Minister of Canada Peter McKay
The victims in the MacIntosh case deserve answers to why it took so long to get to court, and who's responsible for it. Remember Mr.McKay you have said many times in the news as defense minister these victims DESERVE a public inquiry .

Please reconsider your decision to protect the abuser and the people that covered it up instead of the victims that you personally have heard their stories and have not had the heart to keep your promise. .