Neglect at Inuit Health facility…do we need another Joyce Echaquan before we act?

Neglect at Inuit Health facility…do we need another Joyce Echaquan before we act?

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Started by Jeannie Papigatuk

Ullivik is part of the Centre de Santé Inuulitsivik, providing accommodation, transport and the services of nurses and interpreters in order to plan the stay of Inuit receiving health care in Montreal.
The Ullivik facility in Dorval opened in 2016 as an alternative to the YMCA downtown for Inuit who are required to travel to Montreal for medical services.
Many Inuit must stay at this facility for weeks on end while recuperating from their medical interventions. Ullivik hosts thousands of Inuit annually and this is very close to becoming another major scandal for the Quebec Government because of the poor conditions.
The Food: The food quality is atrocious. There have been cases of Inuit becoming sick from the food. Clients have witnessed staff reusing leftover food from plates that have already been served, cooks tasting food and reusing spoons for cooking, etc.. People have found various items in their food (hair, etc.). There are no options for diabetic and other dietary needs. Please see the attached pictures. Would you want to eat this food?
Living Conditions: Many clients arrive at the residence and the rooms have not been cleaned from the previous clients. Often, they must clean the room and change their beds upon arrival. Rooms are clearly not disinfected in this COVID environment. People staying at the residence are there because they are undergoing medical procedures. Washing machines and dryers often are out of order. Many Inuit staying at the residence are elders, requiring more care. There is no oncall nurse on weekends and very limited services for these clients.
Staff: Almost without exception, staff are mean and condescending to Inuit clients. This includes cooks, cleaning staff, security guards and more. There have been reports of staff stealing personal belongings. Inuit return from this facility complaining of racism and poor treatment from the staff.
We demand that this situation change, that Ullivik becomes a welcoming facility, with reasonable food and services for Inuit who are in Montreal for medical treatments. We demand that the Centre de Santé Inuulitsivik provide a concrete action plan to address these issues. We demand that these issues be addressed Immediately.

957 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!