Public Health England, please stop recommending we eat animal products.

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The latest scientific research in the field of human nutrition has conclusively proven, time and time again, a strong correlation between consumption of animal products and our biggest killers, such as Heart Disease, Strokes, Diabetes, Alzheimer's and various cancers. Furthermore, we now know that a varied whole food plant based diet can not only help to prevent, but in many cases can reverse some of these illnesses. In 2015, even the World Health Organisation have declared processed red meats a Class 1 Carcinogen in the same category as cigarettes and asbestos. They also declared red meat a 'probable carcinogen'.

Public Health England, who produce the official UK Government Dietary Guidelines are still recommending that we consume animal products such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs for good health. 'Eating less' of these products appears in some places, but this is not good advice. You would not encourage people to smoke 5 cigarettes a day instead of 20 a day, you would just encourage them to stop smoking. This is the latest version of their 'Eat Well Guide' published 17th March 2016:
These guidelines are introducing doubt on the latest science, misleading and confusing our population and health care professionals, resulting in non-optimal diets being adopted. It is reasonable to assume this information is resulting in countless preventable illness and deaths within the UK, not to mention an increased burden on the NHS in a time of crisis.

The Office of National Statistics estimate that in 2015, approximately 23% of all deaths in the UK were from causes considered avoidable (119,485 deaths out of 529,655 deaths). Cardiovascular disease accounted for 43% of all deaths from conditions deemed amenable to healthcare
Neoplasms caused 39% of all deaths from preventable conditions.
Ischaemic heart disease accounted for 16% of all avoidable deaths in 2015. For more information on these statistics see:

I therefore request, for the health and wellbeing of the population of the UK, that Public Health England align their dietary recommendations with the latest credible science, promoting the consumption of a varied wholefood plant based diet for optimal health.

Thank you.