Early concern for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in India

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Considering the current condition of the Noval Coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak. There is no new statement to create an impact about awareness of how much this new virus is affecting the global health condition.

This is not the first time that the world is hit by such a pandemic. Like the SARS in 2002, which affected 29 countries, more than 8000 cases and 774 deaths were reported to the World Health Organization. And MERS in 2012, which affected 27 countries, 2500 cases and 861 deaths were reported.

This time the COVID-19, which is the most contagious of all, affected more than 130 countries in 3 months with- around 133,000 cases and 4900 deaths (data while writing the petition) worldwide. The world has just started to realise how inadequate the Healthcare systems all over the world is, in controlling the pandemic.Is the World ready for the Coronavirus?

Talking about measures taken in India, which crucially lacks in stopping the widespread of the infection. We all understand how fast and easily this infection can spread in our country where India has a population density of 420 people/ square kilometre. Comparing the density to China which is 145 people/ square kilometer. And also India’s Healthcare systems are less developed than that of China. Considering the numbers, we can imagine how critical India’s condition can become in few months.Coronavirus: Is India prepared for an outbreak?

To balance the actions taken by the government and make it more effective, there is a need of awareness about the precautions supposed to be taken by the people of our country. And to grip on the future challenges of fast spreading COVID-19 infection, we’re signing this petition to request the Government, Healthcare Ministry and Education Boards of India and it’s states to Shutdown the public places like Schools, Colleges, Movie theatres and places where chances of spreading the infection is more.

Need of actions ignored today, can lead to mass counting of the pandemic tomorrow. As we all know precaution is always better than cure. Please show support and share before its too late.Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for public : WHO( World Health Organization)