Students and parents are being bullied by the NSW Education Department and system.

Students and parents are being bullied by the NSW Education Department and system.

7 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Yolanda Lu

Why have the public resources been used to buy the Public Liability Insurance for school and university, however, the insurance can't be provided to the public for claiming, when the harms caused at the University of NSW (UNSW) and the Waitara Public School of NSW. Unsafe incidents truly happened and no protection at all. We feel unsafe to go these public education organizations as they refused to improve and acknowledge their public liability when they owe us. 

For each case, the Education Department of NSW and the University of NSW spent the public resources of at least AU $150K on the external private solicitors to bully and frustrate the victims, rather than offer this fund to support victims as public service. Meanwhile, the public resources are paying the internal solicitors and external solicitors against the victims of their employees' faults. However, they are using these fund to create story and gang up other staff to pass faults onto the innocent people. 

As taxpayers, why do we empower these staff of UNSW and the department of NSW to use our money to frustrate us, rather than support us as the public service? Are they serving us or are we serving them? 

Example one: 

The University of NSW changed the website for the page of public liability insurance not to be claimed and put the wrong telephone number on it. Now the page to lodge the claim was totally hidden. There is no channel to lodge the claim for and no staff would tell people such insurance can be claimed, when people are harmed on the land of the campuses and by these staff members.

Example two:

A child was hit by metal stuff with sharp gears by his peers from the back at the Waitara Public Primary school in Sydney, which caused a head concussion. The child was recognized as the victim of NSW and police talked to the previous principal.

However, the school failed to do reasonable things, even bluffed the parent: "Worry caused the pain of the head not from the head injury. As long as no worry, the pain will be gone and no doctors were needed. No worry, no pain, no medical issue at all.  The other two incidents happened before and after. The school still failed to take reasonable actions to prevent those things, and fail to provide the Public Liability Insurance to be claimed, though the parent requested.


The school and the university have a 100% duty of care of students' and visitors' safety, however, they failed to provide public liability insurance to be claimed when people had injury and harms. The school, the Education Department, UNSW rejected to be responsible for the damages and losses, and rejected to tell the public there is public liability insurance, which covered the land owner's civil liability for all injury, sickness, property lost, psychological harm, etc. which are caused by the negligence of the staff members. To protect their self-interests, they don't care about the public and try their best to hide. The public resources to be used by these staff to hire external solicitors to frustrated the people, rather than provide the public service to people. 

Even, the legal department of the NSW Education Department intently provided the wrong insurance which was for employees only and dragged time for the case to create excuses. These organizations spent millions of money to buy public liability insurance to ensure the public's safety as the government required them to buy and to ensure the students and visitors can be protected. However, such insurance was not provided by the school and university to be claimed, when the injury and harm happened. 

The victims would be forced to have more burdens, and take risks to go to court for the damages and losses recovery, rather than ease the victims.  

For not taking any responsibilities, the solicitors of the Education Department and university can use various ways to damage the cases and ignore the well-being of the victims. These things happened quite often. The Civil Liability Act 2002 is clearly clarified that the owners owe the public liability and have a duty of care to avoid such things happening.  

Based on the research, it is stated that there are around 25% of students' safety could not be protected by the public schools. Whether are these incidents allowed to be claimed through 'public liability insurance? I believe the answer is 'No'.  


1. We, therefore, ask the public to condemn these organizations' irresponsible actions, wasting public resources and passing the buck.
2. Eliminate wasting limited public resources in ineffective wrangling, covering up facts, and deliberately fabricating evidence to slander victims. 
3. The government has to set up an independent organization or a system to provide the channel to be claimed and monitor the system to protect and ease the victims.
4. Set up a fast, independent, reliable support system to facilitate these organizations to resolve the harms and damages caused by the staff of governments. 

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Signatures: 171Next goal: 200
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