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Public Demand For Tougher Action Against Moped Crime

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In 2016 the Home Office released a report stating that from 2012 to 2014 motorcycle theft in London increased by 44%. We are now in 2017 and preliminary reports suggest that moped theft, moped mounted crime and assaults, such as acid and knife attacks have increased tenfold

This epidemic of moped theft and violence seems to have no signs of abating as thieves become more brazen, acting with impunity and no fear of being caught or causing considerable harm to their victims of this heinous crime as they wave knives and hammers at anyone who attempts to challenge them. These brazen criminals are committing crime in broad daylight, in business areas, in full view of the public, this video is an example of many...

Even when the crime is caught on CCTV, mobile phones or other devices and presented to the authorities such as, the Metropolitan Police, they have no interest in pursuing or investigating these cases, often shutting them down due to "insufficient evidence" or "lack of resources". It is utterly shocking that we have to wait until someone is literally murdered before the authorities will take this matter seriously. The issue is now spreading far and wide, on social media and in general conversations amongst the public up and down the country. It is having a major impact on the safety of the citizens of the city. The Police have a duty to protect the general public and act on this but for all intensive purposes it would appear these crimes are being allowed to continue and to increase.

It has also become apparent that tourists are reluctant to visit London and in some areas of the internet, are being advised to stay away from the capital city of England. This message has even spread to the United States, where citizens of the US are laughing at our ridiculous policies on dealing with these criminals. Why are we allowing this message to reach out to people. This is not what the people of England want!

This pandemic is having a huge impact on motorcyclists by drastically increasing insurance premiums; and on the people living in major cities such as London. These criminals are wreaking havoc on our streets. Children as young as 11 years old are riding on pavements, dressed in hoodies and tracksuits, others are committing crimes not only from stealing these machines and causing considerable distress and inconvenience but are also attacking their victims if challenged, using acid, iron bars, hammers and knives.

This can be combated by making motorcycle theft a priority for the Met Police and other police forces across the country and giving them the proper resources to investigate motorcycle crime and offenders. Police officers also need the authority and resources to pursue these villains, which, is becoming a two wheeled gang warfare.

  • Officers need to have access to suitable motorcycles that give them the ability to weave in and out of traffic and apprehend these criminals
  • Giving the police the authority to pursue criminals on stolen bikes without fear of the risk to the criminal
  • Installing sufficient anchor points for motorcycles to be securely locked to in towns or structures to allow riders to secure vehicles 
  • A dedicated task force should be launched to deal with this crime that is clearly having a very big impact on our cities, our pockets and our premiums 

Mopeds and motorcycles are part of our major cities infrastructure and transport goods, documents and employees across the city efficiently with ease and reduced pollution levels. Soon the ability to use mopeds will diminish, causing losses to businesses as an example

On a national level, the sentencing guidelines for motorcycle theft and crimes committed by these thugs needs to be changed and minimum sentences imposed by the courts to act as an effective deterrent

The courts, police authorities are respectfully requested to act on this now on behalf of the public and on behalf of all those that have fallen victims to this escalating problem 

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