Judge Scott Free

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As a former deputy district attorney, Stuart J Scott regularly argued evidence that wasn't true hoping that it would be accepted as fact. The state appeals court labeled it  “pure fiction". The federal district for the Ninth Circuit overturned convictions based upon his testimony as a false witness against defendants and we the taxpayers paid for his deception with our state and federal taxes. Getting fired, Scott Free used his family connections to be the first person in 45 years to take an open judicial seat. As a judge, he unconstitutionally ordered a deputy district attorney into his chambers to conspire with her on how to obtain guilty verdicts against the Public Defender's Office using his deceitful methods. His parting words to her were "This conversation never happened". She bravely disobeyed him, reporting Judge Scott Free to her District Attorney who informed the Public Defender's office of what Judge Scott Free had attempted to do. Thus the Public Defender’s office boycotted every case to assigned to Judge Scott by "papering him" and uselessly reported him to the Commission on Judicial Performance, charlene.drummer@cjp.ca.gov. The CJP publicly stated that Judge Scott violated Judicial Canon 2A, basically a fundamental fairness rule to hear both side before making a decision which did nothing to curb his behavior.  Much like a teacher who disciplines a student for cheating by writing his/her name on the chalkboard. 

Why even allow a defendant to have a trial anymore?

Judge Scott Free was eventually, unbelievably, reassigned to Family Court, now even more incapable of conducting a fair trial. He has little knowledge of the family court laws, accepts attorney's accusations as facts, defending parents as guilty, and promotes high conflict prolonged custody battles between parents where the only winners are these same attorneys and the true victims are children.  Numerous parents with no criminal records are losing legal rights/legal custody of their children in his “family” courtroom and then being denied visitation rights. We the taxpayers will be footing the bill for the lifelong damage this separation/loss does to a child (see the ACES  study).  Help us paper Judge Scott Free here, block from being a judge in our family courts, and have him moved to traffic court. We will paper against him in 2020 so he will not be re-elected.