Judge Stuart J Scott (Judge "Scott Free")

Judge Stuart J Scott (Judge "Scott Free")

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As a former deputy district attorney, Stuart J Scott regularly argued evidence that wasn't true in order to get convictions against defendants. The state appeals court labelled one of Scott's convictions as “pure fiction" and the federal district for the Ninth Circuit overturned it, setting the defendant free.

We the taxpayers paid for Scott's deception and tried to get him fired but Scott used his family connections to be the first person in 45 years to take an open judicial seat (Judge Gilbert Brown #4), running unopposed, which in and of itself was unbelievable.

As a judge, he unconstitutionally ordered a deputy district attorney into his chambers to conspire with her on how to obtain guilty verdicts against the Public Defender's Office by using his deceitful methods. His parting words to her were "This conversation never happened". She bravely disobeyed him, reporting Judge Scott Free to her District Attorney, who immediately informed the Public Defender's office. Hundreds of public defenders in Santa Clara County were prepared to boycott every case assigned to Judge Scott Free by "papering him" and he was uselessly reported to the Commission on Judicial Performance, Charlene.Drumme@cjp.ca.gov.

Judge Scott Free was reassigned to Family Court, now even more incapable of conducting a fair trial. He has little knowledge of the family court laws, accepts attorney's accusations as facts, defending parents as guilty, and promotes high conflict prolonged custody battles between parents where the only "Winners" are these same attorneys and the true victims are children. Numerous parents with no criminal records are losing legal rights/legal custody of their children in his “family” courtroom and then being denied visitation rights. We the taxpayers will be footing the bill for the lifelong damage this separation/loss/fear does to our childrens' unsophisticated minds and the "splitting" by their mind's pathological defense mechanism into a separate personality in response to the trauma (see the ACES study on the CDC.gov website).

Judge Stuart J Scott (Judge Scott Free) will be the only family court judge on the Nov 3, 2020 ballot in California. Vote "No"