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Approve the Use of Essay Writing Services in Your Institutions

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Students go to college to study a huge number of different fields, English being only one of them. If, however, a math student gets caught having purchased an essay or paper for an English class, from a writing service, like EvoEssay let’s say, s/he faces terrible consequences. Math students do not attend college to learn how to write, and the essays and papers that are assigned in almost all of the humanities and liberal arts courses are a waste of time for them. The same goes for students studying a huge number of other academic major fields – the hard sciences, computer science, P.E., to name a few. We have all pretty much done all of the writing we want to do by the end of high school, and we will do very little writing, if any in our chosen careers. And, given the fact that new technology can almost write a custom essay for us, what is the point?

Here is how most non-English majors feel about essay and paper assignments in almost every other course we take. It doesn’t matter how well we know the topic; it doesn’t matter how many tests we “ace.” Our grades are always going to be affected by how well we can write. We are forced into courses we don’t want to take and that will mean nothing to us later on in life. And we are forced to pay for the privilege of taking these courses as well. You should know that the first thing most of us do is find writers for hire just so we can get decent grades and so that our final GPA will not be badly affected by our lack of writing skills.

If we must take these general education and electives that you insist upon, just to keep us there for four years and give professors job security, then you should have the decency to not make us write these ridiculous essays and papers that take up so much of our non-class time. We are happy to read the texts, to take objective tests to demonstrate our knowledge of the content, and to attend class and participate. We are not happy having to spend nights and weekends conducting research and writing on topics about which we have no interest. So, our proposal is this: When students have a declared major that will not require academic and scholarly writing in their careers, either excuse them from writing these essays and papers, or let them use an essay writing service to help them. It is no skin off your nose- you are still getting your precious tuition money, professors still have their jobs, and we still have decent GPA’s. This is a win-win situation for everyone, and if professors still insist that we turn in something in the way of an essay or paper, then they need to accept that we are going to get help writing it.

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