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Bring Tara Woods' Fur Babies Back Home

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Tara's dogs were wrongly taken from her Home without informing her or contacting her before taking her 5 dogs that was outside.They violated the Animal Welfare Act without following the step and actions that were suppose to be followed. Thr RCMP said a call of a report of abuse and neglect was made so this is why this is happening.If anyone knew Tara and just even looked thur her Facebook page she thinks of her dogs as her kids not her dogs.The South West SPCA, assisted by the RCMP, took the 5 dogs off her land while she wasn't home and then the same night on August.5th.2017 at 11:49pm at night she got the phone call. The RCMP told her that he was there with the Animal Welfare Act and he said if she didn't come home to unlock her door, he has the right to beat down her door and take her other 2 dogs that were in the house. She questioned the officer on the phone stating you're not allowed to beat down my door but he said yes he was he has the right to but he didn't. Tara not knowing, acted fast, got a ride home, and unlocked the door. She didn't have anything to hide and let the RCMP officers in to search the house with the so called Animal Welfare Act representative which wasn't true. She's jus a worker & foster mom for the South West SPCA. But Tara not knowing the law of the animal welfare act went home and unlocked the door to let the RCMP & so called animal welfare act woman in to take her 2 dogs that was only left remaining on her land and locked in her house.( If there wasn't any dogs in the house locked inside she probably never would of got that phone call or ever knew what happened to her dogs). She probably wouldn't of got a call that night...the next day the South West SPCA posted  pictures of her dogs on social / public media.Pictures of her dogs on her the day time in day light on her property when she wasn't home. Without Tara's consent or being assisted from the RCMP in the day. But yet the dogs were seized and taken during the night at 11:49pm on a Saturday..that don't match up at all??? South West SPCA had posted the pictures of her dogs on social/public media  saying false information about her and her dogs being abused and kicked repeatedly,neglected, starving , abused ,just by looking at them the SPCA quoted ..and wrote it all without actual proof or anything. The South West SPCA put it on public/social media  and even the VOCM news said false info about the dogs and reason they were seized...The South West SPCA had no right to make up false info  about Tara and her dogs...please help Tara And Her Fur Babies Be A Family Again..Her oldest dog that got taken away is over 12 years old.She has Diesel when she was 14 years old and now she's 26 ...them taking something that been with her this long and being together for so many year getting ripped apart because of heartless childish animals hating neighbours..and a false report ...the case of this investigation is still on going and there's still no answers..The RCMP was fast enough to come take the dogs but isn't fast enough to figure out a yes or no answer cuz there is so many things done wrong ..for the proto call..:( today is September.15.2017 and still nothing resolved yet...

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