Help STOP gas station development at 829 Hiawatha Line, Hiawatha First Nations, Ontario

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As we are sure you are aware, there is a gas station being built on Hiawatha Line.  

The ongoing development of this potential gas station has caused significant damage to the wetland area where habitat and wildlife have been tramatically affected.  This area is known to have diverse wildlife including various species of Turtles which are deemed at-risk and who make this wetland their home and nesting area.

Not only is the wildlife negatively impacted, but the natural waterflow has been diverted which will impact the aquafer that provides water to the community.

In addition to the long-lasting environmental impacts, there is also the financial harm to the community. Our community business would be at a great risk of closure due to the competing individual owned business. This would mean a loss of employment to our citizens and first-time job opportunities for our youth, and training opportunities for our summer students.

We are asking for your support to protect the water, the animals, our community, our youth, and those generations to come, by signing this petition and STOP the gas station development in the best interest of our collective community.

Once we have gathered signatures we will be presenting this to Chief and Council.