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Four children ( Malaki & Isaiah Leija, Ronnie jr & pearla Lopez) need everyone who is willing  to help their parents petition the state of Texas for justices. For their wrongful removal From their Parents ( Esmeralda Leija & Ronnie Lopez) and their relatives. In which they were loved and care for. They were safe and happy.  Then false allegations were made agaisnt their parents. To which there was no basic for their removel. Yet  child protective services Investigators, Caseworkers, Supervisor, Program directors legally kidnapped these four children. By violating the limitation on state agency intrusion on the fundamental rights of these parents. Not only did they violate the parents rights but also these four childrens rights. CPS violated this family by falsifying evidence, withholding information, committing perjury under oath, fraud, coercion, duress. To execute the parental rights of the parents illegally. Making these parents out to look like monsters and unfit. Bringing upon these four children  the worst nightmare in fact. Since in state care these children have been abused by foster parents whom it fact still walk around freely. Having this family mourn the loss of their children not because they've died but because they are alive and separated. Three years and still fighting They are asking anybody who will listen to please help them  petition the state of Texas to get justices for their children. So they can be reunited and  bring them home. THEY HAVE MADE COMPLAINTS AND THE  OFFICE OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS FOR THE DEPARTMENT OF DFPS CONTACTED THEM  AND APOLOGIZED ON BEHALF OF CPS FOR POLICES AND PROCEDURE WERE NOT FOLLOWED. THEY ALSO APPEALED THE REASON TO BELIEVE FINDINGS  AND THEY RESPONDED THAT THERE WAS NOT ENOUGH  PREPONDERANCES   OF EVIDENCE FOR THE REASON TO BELIEVE THEREFORE THE DISPOSITION HAS BEEN CHANGED TO UNABLE TO DETERMINED. We pray that our petition gets answer. 

Just image  that 6.4 out of 100,000 children die at the very hands of the same agency that is suppose to protect them while only 1.4 die at the hands of parents or general population.

However this is not stating that all CPS agents are bad but the corrupted ones give them a bad name. FOR THE AGENCY WAS PUT IN PLACE TO HELP THOSE WHO ARE IN NEED OF PROTECTION.

So  take a second and ASK YOURSELF...  If all children in the states care were actually all abused. you need to wake up and realize what they got you to think, if you still in need of a answer ask someone who is in the states care if it was in there best interest.

Please sign this petition for this family and these children so they can be reunited and get justices. we should hold these government officials that abuse there power of authority that taxpayers in trust them with for their own advantage and personal vendettas.

So be heard and claim your children back.


Thank you pray for our children, pray for our nation. May we all get a peace of my mind.

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