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Let's build a public communication service for the planet

The ozone layer protects the planet and humanity. It acts as a safety net against the effects of solar radiation, and we cannot survive without this natural protection.

What about our ultra-connected world? Can we count on a safety net to ensure that we are always connected to each other?

As our economy, environment and social bond become increasingly connected, we must realise the importance of being able to access and rely on communications networks. We have become more vulnerable, as we depend more and more on digital services. That’s why we are calling for the creation of a global 0G telecommunication standard dedicated to the transfer of small messages – to give us all access to a minimum communication service. This standard would be based on the following principles:

  • The provision of a minimal channel for transferring small messages, that would complement other communication protocols (WiFi, Bluetooth, Satellite, 3G, 4G, 5G, ADSL, Fibre…)
  • Setting up a back-up channel in case the main communication links fail, or in cases where a network goes down after a natural disaster or malicious act
  • Increasing and guaranteeing the security of networks and exchanges, to stabilize our digitalised economy
  • Simplifying access to different networks to increase adoption
  • Reducing energy consumption linked to telecommunications networks

We would recommend setting out the following criteria for the implementation of the new 0G standard:

  • A global deployment supported by a resilient infrastructure independent from existing ground infrastructure
  • A capacity to be embedded into most types of equipment (telephones, connected objects, etc.) by entering a simple protocol, to avoid generating additional implementation costs
  • One or several low-consumption networks that can transmit messages without a permanent energy source (using energy recovery mechanisms)

By establishing a dedicated network for small messages in more than 70 countries and covering 1+ billion people, Sigfox’s mission is to offer everyone access to a resilient, low-power and universal network. But we can’t do it alone. That’s why we’re inviting everyone to join us – from public authorities to telecom companies and NGOs – to establish and implement this 0G standard together and protect our ultra-connected society. Join us now!